Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Writing Again! And a Sneak Peek

I'm writing again and I'm ever so happy! After a one year hiatus, words have been flowing through my fingers and onto what use to be a horrific blank page staring back at me. Not long ago I despised the tormenting flash of the always mocking cursor. I had lost myself by somehow letting self doubt and negativity creep in and take over my thoughts. Frequently I pulled up pieces of unfinished work, re-read them, made a few edits, only to close everything down and shove my laptop away for another month. Thankfully I pulled my computer out of it's black case over two weeks ago and I haven't looked back.
Below is a sneak peek of my current work in progress for a Beachwalk Press sports romance anthology.
Fingers crossed it will make the cut, and I'll have a new release out soon!

  **This little snippet is unedited.**

Timing the Snap...an excerpt

“McKinney, Coach Bale wants to see you.”

Wade let out a tense breath, stared at the sweaty, number ninety-two jersey lying on the bench in front of him. He placed his cleats at the base of his locker, made sure the toes aligned perfectly then slipped on a dry, team logo shirt. “Yes, sir,” he replied, his mouth dry in spite of the gallon of water he’d swallowed since waking.

The last day of cuts made for the longest walk he’d ever taken as he trekked down the hallway to the head coach’s office. Wade was a sixth round draft pick for the Littleton Hawks a few months ago. He realized fast that professional football is a different world; a level of greatness he never imagined existed. In high school, his athletic ability made him a small time celebrity, and thanks to his talent and family support he received offers to play football from some of the most recognized universities in the nation. His sophomore and senior years put national championship titles under his belt and two rings in a locked safe at his parent’s house.

Wade made it through pro-team minicamp, stood out enough from all the other rookies and free agents to receive an invite for training camp; the real deal. Training camp, where football’s most elite gather with their teams to perform to the best of their ability, to secure placement on a fifty-three man roster. Proving himself worthy would mean benching another player, possibly getting a fan favorite cut from the team. That’s the life though, rough as it may be, and each athlete knows it.

He needed this. His entire life, for as long as he could remember, has been about football. His friends, his family, they all expected him to do great things, to be the best, to be the most feared defensive end in the league.

Wade stepped inside Mitch Bale’s office, the coach sat behind an impressive, polished, wooden desk with an enormous collection of football memorabilia and trophies displayed on the wall to wall shelves behind him. He shuffled some papers around, gestured for Wade to have a seat. The man gave no hint of what was to come, sending Wade’s stress level to the highest extremes.

Coach drummed the tips of his fingers on the desktop, mouth straight, eyes focused on Wade. “Choosing you to be part of the Hawks family was not a mistake. We had our eyes on you since you were a sophomore at CapeU.”

Bale paused so Wade nodded, kept a smile at bay even though he could tell the talk was a good one. The coach continued. “We knew getting you in this organization would enhance our defensive program. You were exactly what we needed to improve our weakened line.”

“Thank you, Coach.” He shifted in his seat, wished the man would get to the point, hopefully congratulations were in order.

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