Thursday, September 27, 2012


Today I embarked on a new journey for my writing career.
I started a blog.
And I just have to say, the set-up is more complicated than I expected.
Not long ago (okay, a few years back) I was pretty computer savvy and
I'm certain way back then, I would've had no problem.
Today though, I stared at the template page wondering what
a "gadget" was for close to half an hour before I realized
that clicking on it might get me somewhere.
Wha-la! There it the left of your screen. I'm so proud.
Look what I did.
I added a photo!
Oh yeah, it happens to be the cover art for my upcoming novella,
The First Night
published by Beachwalk Press.
 How lucky am I to be included with such a wonderful company and talented group of authors?
Let me answer that for you...VERY!
Now if I could only figure out how to link Twitter and Facebook
on this thing my life would be complete.