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Six Hot Athletes, Six Great Stories

In It to Win It

Six steamy stories to take between the sheets…

Hitting It Out of the Park by Ella Jade
Francesca "Frankie" Cuttino relocated to the baseball-obsessed town of Kingston, Rhode Island to start a new life. She's been taking refuge in her teaching job and indulging in binge watching TV. Welcoming the break from her three-time ex-fiancé, she takes comfort in the much needed alone time. But her sexy new neighbor has her rethinking the single life.
Professional baseball player Jed Silver is on the hitting streak of his career. He's the newest member of the Kingston Crushers and the town's latest obsession. He's enjoying his rookie status and all the attention it earns him with the women. That all changes when he stumbles onto his gorgeous next-door neighbor who doesn't have a clue who he is.
As baseball fever overtakes the town these two heat up the sheets, making for one explosive summer, until Frankie's past catches up with her.

Jab by A.K. Layton
Sabrina Alenin is a self-assured young woman who has a clear plan for her future. As a YouTube blogger who is gaining momentum, she needs the right type of man to help her reach her goal of creating her own empire. A wealthy, older man who likes hot blondes. Mixed martial arts fighter Silvio Almeida does not fit the bill, no matter how infuriatingly irresistible she finds him.
In training for an upcoming MMA fight, women aren't on Silvio's radar. Seeing firsthand how easily life can change in a single moment, he's decided to live life not looking too far into the future. But his path keeps crossing with Sabrina's, and he can't get the beautiful blonde off his mind.
When love throws them from their determined paths, they will have to discover if the best future is the one unplanned.

Soccer Mum by Lisa Knight
When Maggie's ten-year-old son joins a soccer team she hopes it will be an opportunity to meet new people and move forward from the disastrous past months. After all, a broken marriage and returning home to live with her parents wasn't quite how she'd envisioned her thirties.
Agreeing to play soccer herself as part of the parents' team, Maggie's lack of skill requires a little extra coaching. Leo is happy to assist, and Maggie becomes captivated by the former professional player, who ignites feelings she thought had disappeared forever.
But as her ex-husband pressures her to re-kindle their relationship, Maggie's guilt reaches overdrive. How can she possibly consider a future with Leo when there's a chance of putting her family back together?

Second Time Around by Olivia Starke
Kelly Atkins has dedicated her life to caring for the horses at her off-track Thoroughbred rescue. When she's forced to sell part of her land to cover mounting expenses, she's shocked by who steps in to buy it—her high school sweetheart, Dustin. She didn't even know the man had moved back to town. Seeing him brings back memories of the most painful time of her life. Not only had she lost the man she thought she would spend forever with, she had also lost her twin brother. And for years she held Dustin responsible for his death.
Dustin, a former rodeo bronc rider, has plans to start a retired rodeo horse rescue. As he and Kelly start to rekindle the love they once shared, he fears what will happen when she learns his secret. A secret that could drive her away forever.

All You Wanted by Lisa Huffman
Football superstar Wade McKinney is crushed when he's cut from the team. How did this happen? In order to make a comeback, he needs to focus on becoming the best player he can possibly be. Leaving town for a fresh start, he takes a job as a sports reporter at a local news station. With no room in his life for anything else, Wade denies his attraction to co-anchor Rebecca Ryan.
Since tragedy struck mere months ago, Rebecca has become the rock holding her family together, leaving her no time for a personal life. But there's something about Wade McKinney that has her wondering what his story is.
Wade only sees a future in football and Rebecca hasn't the time for a relationship. But when fate steps in, Wade and Rebecca find something they weren't looking for in each other.

Love in Victory Lane by CJ Bower
Racing is all Catalina Bryant has ever wanted to do. She's spent the past fifteen years climbing the ranks and paying her dues, which included fighting off slurs and innuendos regarding her gender. Overcoming many setbacks, she has finally made it to the highest level in NASCAR and is on the eve of starting her rookie season.
Her new crew chief, Chad Kiesgen, is incredible. He has a strong work ethic and amazing integrity. Just the guy to help her reach her goal. However, she hits a speed bump when the sizzling chemistry between them carries over to their personal lives, which could damage both of their careers.
There's another man lurking in the background who wants Cat for himself and will stop at nothing to claim her. Will Cat find love in Victory Lane, or will her career crash and burn before she leaves the starting line?
Content Warning: each of these stories contain a hot athlete and scorching sex scenes

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Title: Dream Girls Series
Author: Carrie Thomas
Genre: New Adult Romance
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR
Follow best friends, Piper, Stephanie and Nicole on their journey into womanhood, falling in love, and a future they've all dreamed of. This is the complete series in a box set.
Dream Girls: Piper: Piper Allen is looking to spread her wings and unfortunately, her podunk hometown in Missouri is stunting her spiritual growth. Moving to Dallas to finish up college with her two friends, Stephanie and Nicole, she hopes to challenge herself to reach new heights. Her bohemian ways allow her to float through relationships frequently and with ease; when there are no strings attached, there is no chance of being hurt.
Texas rancher, Moye McKenzie, is a no nonsense, good ol' boy, who doesn't play games where matters of the heart are concerned. When this straight-shooter walks into Piper's life, sparks fly and tempers flare. Wanting to give her the life she deserves, Moye has to show her that getting hurt can happen whether you're holding onto the reins or not.
Dream Girls: Stephanie: Looking to take that first responsible step into adulthood, Stephanie Garner is working toward her college degree in secondary education while serving drinks at a bar to pay the bills. As an ex-gymnast and cheerleader, she might have guys falling at her feet, but she’s a firm believer in monogamy. Even though she has options, serial dating is not her thing.
Her best friend and roommate, the ever charismatic Cole Banks, likes to use his charming smile and silver tongue to his advantage. The more ladies the better; as long as Ms. Right Now doesn’t expect breakfast in the morning. It’s quantity over quality for this bachelor, until he realizes he wants more out of life. Starting a career he can be proud of is a step in the right direction to becoming the man he eventually wants to be.
The lines blur between these roommates almost daily—filled with stolen glances, cuddling, and front flips—but fear of losing their friendship holds both of them back from taking a chance on love. The path of least resistance is not only best for their precarious living arrangement, but for their friendship as well. If they’d just listen to their gut, maybe they’d discover the forever kind of love everyone dreams about.
Dream Girls: Nicole: Nicole Garrett, a self-proclaimed nerd, has had her future planned out for years. Taking chances has never appealed to her on any level, but growing up means adapting to change and accepting that life moves on no matter what. With her best friends, Piper and Stephanie both starting families of their own, Nicole finds herself concentrating harder on her plan to become a doctor, leaving little time for anything else, other than working at the local pub to help cover her living expenses. There is nothing worth more to her than making something of herself—unless you count Corey Tate.
Corey Tate isn’t a self-proclaimed anything. He doesn’t care enough. But ask anyone who has ever been around him and they’ll tell you he’s a bad-boy-recluse, who has a somewhat short fuse. He works hard and plays harder. Even though he has no clue what is involved in having an authentic relationship with a woman, Nicole Garrett has him curious enough to consider trying. Having zero experience in relationships proves to be a challenge for him, both mentally and emotionally.
Timing is everything, right? How much time has to pass before the moment is lost? Two years of knowing glances, private talks, and a connection that surprises them both, come to a head when Corey draws a line in the sand. Can these two very different people find their way to a love that can last forever, or will their own flaws ruin what could have been? If Corey and Nicole could get out of their own heads, they might just find out the difference between falling in love and being in love.
Author Bio:
Carrie Thomas is the author of young adult and new adult romances. When she’s not writing or reading, you can find her traveling the U.S. or stalking her favorite bands. She lives in the South with her husband and two sons. Aside from traveling, any time spent with her family she considers a good day. She’s a firm believer that book lovers should stick together.
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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Writing Again! And a Sneak Peek

I'm writing again and I'm ever so happy! After a one year hiatus, words have been flowing through my fingers and onto what use to be a horrific blank page staring back at me. Not long ago I despised the tormenting flash of the always mocking cursor. I had lost myself by somehow letting self doubt and negativity creep in and take over my thoughts. Frequently I pulled up pieces of unfinished work, re-read them, made a few edits, only to close everything down and shove my laptop away for another month. Thankfully I pulled my computer out of it's black case over two weeks ago and I haven't looked back.
Below is a sneak peek of my current work in progress for a Beachwalk Press sports romance anthology.
Fingers crossed it will make the cut, and I'll have a new release out soon!

  **This little snippet is unedited.**

Timing the excerpt

“McKinney, Coach Bale wants to see you.”

Wade let out a tense breath, stared at the sweaty, number ninety-two jersey lying on the bench in front of him. He placed his cleats at the base of his locker, made sure the toes aligned perfectly then slipped on a dry, team logo shirt. “Yes, sir,” he replied, his mouth dry in spite of the gallon of water he’d swallowed since waking.

The last day of cuts made for the longest walk he’d ever taken as he trekked down the hallway to the head coach’s office. Wade was a sixth round draft pick for the Littleton Hawks a few months ago. He realized fast that professional football is a different world; a level of greatness he never imagined existed. In high school, his athletic ability made him a small time celebrity, and thanks to his talent and family support he received offers to play football from some of the most recognized universities in the nation. His sophomore and senior years put national championship titles under his belt and two rings in a locked safe at his parent’s house.

Wade made it through pro-team minicamp, stood out enough from all the other rookies and free agents to receive an invite for training camp; the real deal. Training camp, where football’s most elite gather with their teams to perform to the best of their ability, to secure placement on a fifty-three man roster. Proving himself worthy would mean benching another player, possibly getting a fan favorite cut from the team. That’s the life though, rough as it may be, and each athlete knows it.

He needed this. His entire life, for as long as he could remember, has been about football. His friends, his family, they all expected him to do great things, to be the best, to be the most feared defensive end in the league.

Wade stepped inside Mitch Bale’s office, the coach sat behind an impressive, polished, wooden desk with an enormous collection of football memorabilia and trophies displayed on the wall to wall shelves behind him. He shuffled some papers around, gestured for Wade to have a seat. The man gave no hint of what was to come, sending Wade’s stress level to the highest extremes.

Coach drummed the tips of his fingers on the desktop, mouth straight, eyes focused on Wade. “Choosing you to be part of the Hawks family was not a mistake. We had our eyes on you since you were a sophomore at CapeU.”

Bale paused so Wade nodded, kept a smile at bay even though he could tell the talk was a good one. The coach continued. “We knew getting you in this organization would enhance our defensive program. You were exactly what we needed to improve our weakened line.”

“Thank you, Coach.” He shifted in his seat, wished the man would get to the point, hopefully congratulations were in order.

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November Series Spectacular

Fabulous authors...
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It's all right here at the Beachwalk Series Spectacular Event.

The first ebook version for each of Beachwalk Press's series are on sale for 99 CENTS!

I can't think of a better way to stock your e-reader with amazing stories that are HOT, HOT, HOT!

Kane’s Mate by Hazel Gower (The Armageddon Mates Series)
Confessions of a Sex Demon by Jaye Shields (The Sex Demon Trilogy)
Taming the Hunted by Larisa Anderson (The Hunters Series)
Forsaken Heart by Elise Whyles (The Forsaken Series)

Project Terminal: Legacy by Olivia Starke (The Project Terminal Series) 
War’s End by Imogene Nix (The Reunion Trilogy)
A Clockwork Butterfly by Tabitha Rayne (The Clockwork Butterfly Trilogy)
Super Love by Stephanie Beck (The Justice Fraternity Chronicles)
Forgotten Memories by Theresa Stillwagon (The Winter Creek, Montana Series)
Fool Me Once by Lacey Wolfe (The Hot Bods Series)

The Monster of Fame by Aimée Duffy (The Price of Fame Series)
A Love Stolen by Ella Jade (The Steeple Town Series)
The First Night by Sidda Lee Tate (The Night Series)

Business and Pleasure by Emily Wood (The Rags and Riches Series)

Undone by His Desire by Dilys J. Carnie (The Lost Sisters Trilogy)
The Baby Contract by Olivia Starke (The Billionaire Bachelor Series)
Stealing His Heart by Ella Jade (The Kingston Heat Series)

You can learn more about these spectacular books by visiting the Beachwalk Press website

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Halloween Blog Hop

Welcome to the Beachwalk Press
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I love Halloween.
One of my favorite memories as a child is listening to the sounds of the Disney Haunted House record. My dad always put it on the record player as my mother helped myself and my siblings get dressed up in our costumes and make-up. Even now when I hear it, I get a little spooked.

Listen here...

What is your favorite Halloween memory?

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