Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sinful Saturday

Hello to all and happy Saturday!
I have for you a sinful snipet from Hijacked, my latest release.

Sharon swallowed hard, taken aback by the sensation of his closeness, shocked she couldn’t speak. Her voice had left her, something that never happened.

The hand on her ass squeezed gently as the one running down her side made it to the hem of her skirt. His fingers teased her inner thigh, and she was wet in an instant. Her center throbbed, sending shudders up her body, and her breath caught.

“What if I want to feel you? Is that something I should go for?” Kyle continued to speak low in her ear, his hot breath making her pulse quicken. “Are you wearing panties?”

Sharon’s lips managed to form a silent No.

He smiled the charming, crooked grin he had before, only this time it showed his craving for her. “Good.” His fingers moved slow, closer to her folds, leaving a tingling trail on her skin. “Open up for me.”

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Sinful Saturday