Monday, December 17, 2012

Release Day Give Away!

Finally! It's here!
My debut novella The First Night has officially been released thanks to the wonderful people at Beachwalk Press!
Yes, I've been dancing around like a maniac since last night (well, once I got over the anxiety) and I can't wait to hear from readers!
Leave a comment to be entered in a drawing for a free give away!
Can the last place she needs to be become the first night of her forever?

She planned to meet her coworkers for drinks and be home in a few hours. Getting drunk and staying out all night was not an option. Not for Kayla Dobbs. Going to a bar was already pushing her limits. Between her full-time job and night classes, there was no time to spare for a social life, and certainly no time for a relationship. But when she meets Gannon, the sexy bartender whose hypnotic eyes seem to follow her every move, she wishes things could be different.

Although Kayla doesn't recognize him, Gannon knows exactly who she is—she was the one girl in high school he'd always wanted but had been afraid to pursue. He's changed a lot since high school though, and maybe now he has a chance at making that dream come true.

As she breaks free from her self-induced lifestyle of studying and work, Kayla realizes that no matter how concrete her life plan is, sometimes it only takes one night, one person, to alter it forever.

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