Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Katrina's Christmas 5th and final installment

I hope everyone has enjoyed this story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

They kicked their sand filled shoes and socks off at the door, and Katrina refilled their glasses. She took a seat on the sofa, sipping at the liquid warmth as he worked until soft flames lit the room with an orange glow. When he was finished, she patted the cushion next to her and held out the full wineglass meant for him. He took it and, without taking a drink, set it on the end table next to hers, then moved to his knees in front of her. She wanted to say something but didn’t know what. He wasn’t talking, only taking her in with his eyes. The only sound was the crackling of the burning wood.

Grant ran his hands up her thighs and wrapped his fingers around her waist. With a quick tug, she was at the edge of the cushion, her legs spread at his sides, and he rested the top of his head against her chest, shaking. “I need you,” he murmured. “Every day.” His grip tightened and he sucked in a deep breath. “If this is just an ‘in the moment’ thing for you…”

She ran her fingers through his hair, kissing the top of his head as she did. “It’s not.”

He lifted from her chest, meeting her eyes. There was no holding back. She dipped down, kissing him hard. His hands slipped under her cashmere sweater and ran up her sides, taking her top with them. She raised her arms and left his mouth long enough for him to pull it over her head. He tugged at her legs, bringing them closer until she slid off the cushion and into his lap.

Softly, he traced the lace material of her bra up to her shoulders and looped his fingers around the straps, dragging them down her arms. He licked between her breasts then kissed along the top of each one as he reached around and unfastened the hooks. Claiming her mouth, he maneuvered her so her back was flat against the lush rug.

He sat up and tossed his sweater, exposing the toned muscles of his arms and chest. His stomach was chiseled…Katrina reached up, eager for a touch, but he caught her hand at the wrist and pinned it to the floor above her head. He took her other hand and placed it so both of her arms were held hostage by his single grip.

For an instant, he paused and just looked at her. His eyes were aching and hungry, his gaze following the tips of his fingers as they trailed from her lips, down her chin, and along her neck. He led them over the tops of her breasts then bent down, taking the pink flesh with his mouth. Sucking, kissing, licking until her nipple was standing at attention, he moved to the other.

It was dizzying. Intoxicating. Katrina closed her eyes, clenching her captive hands around his fingers. Her hips squirmed at the throbbing of her wet center.

Moving over her stomach with light kisses, he freed her hands. Going lower, to the waistline of her jeans, he traced it with his tongue. A soft moan escaped her lips as she gripped his shoulders. They were strong and smooth, silk under her fingers, and she wanted to feel the rest of him. He moved back up her, his lips finding the sensitive skin at the curve of her shoulder, and she ran her hand across his chest around to his back. He sat up when she did, making her gasp at the absence.

Eyes locked on hers, he worked at the button on her jeans and undid the zipper. Slipping them over her legs, they fell to the floor in a crumple. “I’ve been waiting on you forever, it seems,” he said in a whisper, running his hands up her now naked thighs, brushing his thumbs against the swollen clit nudging at her panties as his hands moved to her hips. She bucked when he did, the sensation rippling through her.

Grant’s tongue dove into her mouth, deep, ravenous, and his weight pressed her to the floor. She hitched a leg over his back, running her hands over his flesh. Writhing under him, wanting more, she hooked her fingers through his belt loops, tugging. He pushed off her and rocked back on his knees. Not wanting to be without his touch, Katrina followed.

She watched with fervor as he shrugged out of his jeans. The sight of his member made her shudder and her entrance pulsed to a point that it ached. Grant pulled her tight against him, pressing his hardness against her belly. He tugged at her bottom lip with his teeth, lifting her to the edge the sofa then guiding her shoulders to the back cushions. Working her breasts with his hands, his mouth trailed down.

In a breath, her panties were gone and she parted her legs. Trembling, her gaze fastened to him as he ran his fingers over her wet heat. “Grant,” she murmured.

He slid a finger inside her. Painfully slow, he rotated, out then in. One digit, then two. All while making circles with his thumb on her pulsing clit. It was amazing. Delicious. Delightfully agonizing. But the moment his mouth covered her thumping bud and sucked, she cried out as a swell of bliss punched through her core extending to every nerve in her body. He found her hands and clenched them with his as she climaxed. The room around them began to spin. Her heart about to burst was the only sound in her ears. Her back arched, lifting her from the cushions, and she fell back with a faint whimper.

Half-lidded, she stared in his blue eyes as he maneuvered up her stomach with tiny kisses. “I want you in me.”

He brushed her shoulder with his lips, leaving light tingles in their wake. “Are you sure?”

She nodded and palmed his cheek. He turned into it, planting a kiss, smiling that charming smile she loved, then reached for his pants, plucking a condom from his wallet. Katrina slipped off the couch on to the thick rug. Taking the foil package from his hand, she got on all fours. She went to the underside of his shaft, and with a flat tongue, she licked slowly to his tip. A groan, low and guttural, sounded from his chest as she parted her lips and took him in. Grasping his cock at the base, she massaged her tongue against it, extending the length and back down.

“Kat…” He took her shoulders. “Babe…you have to stop. I can’t last through this.”

Hearing how she’d affected him, made her want him even more. She ripped the package open and sheathed him. Wrapping her arms around her neck, she let him ease her to the rug. She ran her thighs down the outside of his and moaned, arching her back as he settled over her slick center, entering her.

He moved slow at first, in and out, stretching her walls to fit his girth. Once in her completely, he moved her legs to his shoulders and went deeper. She gasped at the fullness, holding tight to his arms as the thrusts became harder. It was nothing short of ecstasy. Her eyes went to thin slits and the world began to spin again. He pulsed inside her, groaning, causing her body to quake from depths she’d never known, and she cried his name, spent. He relaxed on top of her, holding his weight with his elbows, and kissed her neck, her cheeks, her lips.

She couldn’t take her eyes off him. His dark hair was everywhere, and the blue in his eyes was brighter than she’d ever seen. She loved them…she loved him. Katrina locked her ankles behind his back and ran her fingers through his hair, stopping on his neck. “I have to say, I’ve never had a Christmas quite like this.”

“And I’ve never known anyone quite like you.” He smiled and rolled over to his back, taking her hand and linking their fingers. “What are you doing between now and, I don’t know…the rest of your life?”
“Spending every minute I can with you.”

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