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Katrina's Christmas part 1

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Katrina's Christmas.
Christmas has always been just another day to Katrina Bryant.
She works hard and expects her employees to do the same.
When her sexy assistant, Grant Ward, quits on Christmas Eve she becomes worried she will never see him again, and she wonders why that bothers her so much.
To her surprise, he arrives at her home hours later and whisks her away for a Christmas she will never forget.
This short story is included in the Beachwalk Press anthology
Holiday Kisses.

Katrina’s Christmas

by Sidda Lee Tate


“Good afternoon, thank you for calling Sand and Sun Vacation Rentals. Can I interest you in our last minute holiday specials?” Katrina Bryant adjusted her headset, waiting on the caller’s reply. “Hello? Sand and Sun Vacation Rentals…”

The caller hung up and she rolled her eyes. Pulling the headset from her ear, she tossed it on her desk and turned to the only person left in the office of seven, the only person on the planet other than herself she trusted—her assistant of three years, Grant Ward. “That is the third hang-up I’ve had today.”

“It’s Christmas Eve.” He placed a fresh cup of coffee on her desk, shrugging, and took a seat in the plush leather chair against the opposite wall. As always, he looked good. Deep blue eyes, dark hair, and a perfect smile that always calmed her nerves. He knew when to use it too.

“I cannot for the life of me imagine what Christmas Eve has to do with it, Grant.” Katrina reached down and pulled off her pumps, giving each foot a quick rub and making a mental note to schedule a massage as soon as possible.

“Me either, Ms. Bryant, I was only reminding you what day it is.” He also knew she wasn’t pleased when he called her Ms. Bryant. Okay, maybe she didn’t mind. Not every time. Over the years, it had become a source of amusement between only them. She was three years older and he loved to remind her.

“It’s another day to me.”

“As well as tomorrow?”

“Of course it is. You know that. Oh, and be sure to dock everyone’s pay who left early today.” Katrina winked playfully as she released her long auburn hair from the tight bun, then gave it a quick shake, and tied it back up in a lose ponytail. “I have no doubt you will be here tomorrow. It is a Wednesday, you know. I suppose since you think it’s special you can wait until noon to come in, but we need to finish preparing the new price bundles for the first of the year.”

“No.” He adjusted in the seat, leaning forward and pressing his palms to his knees. Deep blue eyes stared at her, almost daring her to challenge him.

“Excuse me.”

“I won’t be here and neither will you. You’re working your life away.”

“Don’t be absurd. I didn’t build this company from nothing to the highest rated vacation booking agency in all of Florida by not showing up to work. And you, well, you will be looking for another job if you’re a no show.” Katrina shocked herself with those words. She would never fire him. She needed him…for work.

“Threatening to fire me won’t work, Katrina. You must’ve forgotten I have a degree in business finance, so finding a career other than an underpaid, underappreciated assistant to you will not be hard. It’s Christmas, damn it!”

“Like I said, it’s just another day.”

“What is wrong with you? Every year you pull this shit and every year I’ve missed out on being with my family. I’m not doing it again.”

“They’re hours away, besides you’ve told me time and again your family doesn’t get together until the weekend after.”

His eyes took on a fury she’d never seen. “Just because you don’t have a family, doesn’t mean you should take it out on those of us who do.” Grant jumped to his feet and moved toward her. Gripping the armrests of her chair, he leaned in. Stopping with his lips just inches from hers, he held her gaze and muttered, “I quit.”

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